UltraSlat™ Concealed

UltraSlat™ Concealed


UltraSlat™ concealed panels are the perfect solution for integrated wall and ceiling systems with conceal fix installation onto standard TCR/Furring Channel framing systems.

Benefits of UltraSlat™ concealed include:

  • Standard installation onto off the shelf framing systems combined with our MDF or aluminium fixing strips pre-fixed to the back of each panel
  • Standard perforation patterns and finishes with quick lead times
  • Co-ordinated services integration for a/c outlets, light fittings, etc
  • Maximise panel sizes to reduce join lines across large open areas
  • Exceptional noise reduction (nrc) acoustic performance
  • Green star Chain of Custody and fire rated options available

Nominal Panel Sizes 

  • 2400 x 600 / 1200mm
  • 3000 x 600 / 1200mm

Batten Profiles

  • LS3817-70
  • LS9518-120
  • LS3232-90
  • LS1738-40
  • LS1765-75

Substrate Materials

  • Moisture Resistant MDF
  • Fire Retardant MDF
  • Solid Timber

Batten Finishes

  • Solid colour or woodgrain Laminate
  • Natural timber veneer with clear paint
  • 2pac polyurethane paint

Acoustic Backing

  • Factory applied Black Megasorber PN5 with G8A Soundmesh facing