UltraGrove™ concealed panels are sleek and streamlined premium wall and ceiling lining with minimalist linear grooves in the face of the panels designed for conceal fix installation onto standard framing systems.

Benefits of UltraGroove™ Concealed include:

  • Standard installation onto off the shelf framing systems combined with our MDF or aluminium fixing strips pre-fixed to the back of each panel
  • Slimline grooved face for a high end linear appearance
  • Option to perforate the back of the panels for enhanced arc acoustic values
  • Achieve a linear finish while maintaining larger panel sizes to reduce join lines which occur with smaller plank products and increase installation times
  • Green star Chain of Custody and fire rated options available

Nominal Panel Sizes

  • 2400 x 600mm
  • 2700 x 600mm
  • 3000 x 600mm

Substrate Materials

  • Standard E0 MDF
  • Moisture Resistant MDF
  • Fire Resistant MDF

Perforation Patterns

  • LGS – grooved face only
  • LGA – grooved face and perforated back (acoustic)


  • Solid colour or woodgrain Laminate
  • Natural timber veneer with clear satin paint
  • 2pac polyurethane solid or metallic colour paint

Acoustic Backing

  • Factory applied Black Megasorber G8A Soundmesh Intergrated Textile