UltraCustom™ bespoke custom joinery allows your creative design ideas to come to life. With in-house 3D design drafting capability and 3D printing for prototyping and proof of concept design testing, we are well equipped to assist with the most complex of projects.

Benefits of UltraCustom™ include:

  • Endless design possibilities with 3D design drafting assistance
  • On-site 3D printer for proof of concept design testing prior to manufacture
  • Provision of samples and prototypes for client approval of custom designs
  • Exceptional noise reduction (nrc) acoustic performance possible with integration of our acoustic backing options

Nominal Panel Sizes 

  • Custom – to suit design requirements and room layouts

Substrate Materials

  • Nominate from your preferred supplier

Perforation Patterns

  • Custom


  • Custom – to suit the bespoke design requirements

Acoustic Backing

  • Factory applied Black Megasorber G8A Soundmesh Integrated Textile
  • Factory applied Black Megasorber PN5 with G8A facing