Macquarie Uni NSW

Macquarie Uni NSW

Macquarie Theatre

We were engaged to manufacture custom perforated panels with multiple hole sizes to achieve a tree pattern in each panel. We also complied with strict acoustic requirements to create both an aesthetically pleasing and functional auditorium.

PRODUCT: Custom perforated FR MDF with natural timber veneer
SIZE: 200m²



Theatre Fabric Panels

To meet the acoustic requirements in the auditorium we were asked to supply sound absorbing fabric wrapped wall panels. We incorporated concealed split batten fixing into the design to allow for LED lighting to the underside of our panels.

PRODUCT: Fabric wrapped FR MDF with 32kg/m3 insulation
SIZE: 85m²



Outdoor Bench Seating

To enhance the outdoor space around the Macquarie Theatre we supplied a number of timber batten bench seats to be mounted onto the concrete structures.

PRODUCT: Linear Batten Bench Seats
SIZE: 15m²