Workzone Perth WA

Workzone Perth WA

Open Office Areas

For this project we redesigned our lightweight ceiling batten panels so that they became fully accessible panels sitting in a concealed aluminium T-grid suspension system. This new system continues to provide clean linear lines across the ceiling area while functioning to allow easy access to the ceiling plenum at any point without the need for unsightly access hatches.

PRODUCT: Lightweight linear batten panels
SIZE: 1500m2 

Spandrel Panels

To cover the spandrel sections around the open stair voids between floors our slotted laminate panels were selected as the preferred finish. Panels were custom made to the exact sizes required and routed with a V-slot to conceal the core board and supplied with pre-fixed black shadowline strips and concealed split batten fixings.

PRODUCT: Conceal fixed slotted wall panels
SIZE: 150m2 

Main Entry Feature Wall Panels

To match in with the other timber joinery in the main entry foyer we supplied our conceal fixed linear slot wall panels with a Plantation Oak natural timber veneer. Again our drafting services were utilised to draw up the area and supplied custom made panels ready to fix in place with no additional cutting required on site.

PRODUCT: Conceal fixed linear slot wall panels
SIZE: 40m2 

Main Entry Feature Ceiling Panels

For the main entry foyer of the building we supplied our slotted timber laminate ceiling panels with pre-fixed upturns to conceal the framing behind and give a floating effect to the feature ceiling area. Factory applied black SoundTex acoustic fleece ensures the required acoustic brief is met.

PRODUCT: Conceal fixed slotted ceiling panels
SIZE: 20m2 

Understair Lining Panels

To finish off the underside of the stairs in the voids between floors our slotted timber laminate panels were again chosen to achieve the desired result. The panels were custom made in large format to reduce the number of joins required and increase the install time on site.

PRODUCT: Conceal fixed slotted laminate panels
SIZE: 150m2 

Breakout Areas and Meeting Rooms

For the upper floor breakout and meeting room areas our 2pac polyurethane ceiling panels were selected to provide the highest quality ceiling finish available. Complete with concealed fixings, integrated access panels and our black SoundTex acoustic fleece.

PRODUCT: Conceal fixed slotted 2pac ceiling panels
SIZE: 200m2 

Aluminium Composite Service Boxes

To integrate seamlessly with our linear batten ceiling panels we designed and fabricated custom made service boxes from white aluminium composite panels. The service boxes were designed to drop in between our timber battens where required to suit the site conditions.

PRODUCT: Aluminium composite service boxes
SIZE: 50m2